In a world where every conceivable space in used for advertising on the side of buildings and beside motorways and major roads, it’s a wasted opportunity if you’re driving around in a plain van or car.

This space could be used to promote your business everywhere you drive. Think of it as a mobile advert. When you go to someone’s home, others in their street will see you working there and, if they require services, will have found someone their neighbour trusts.

When you work at an industrial park or leave your vehicle in an office car park, by association you show potential customers in the immediate area you are trusted by a business they know.

Quite simply, if you are driving around in a plain van you could be missing out on thousands of pounds worth of business and a swathe of lost customers.

By adding a partial or full wrap to your vehicles you’re effectively transforming an motoring overhead into a marketing expense. A branded vehicle is now more comparable to an advertisement… but one which doesn’t ever switch off or go out of date. It’s selling, even when it’s on the drive.

Even if you’re not looking for a full wrap, utilising your windows with contravision panels or even just adding magnetic panels temporarily significantly increases your chances of winning business simply through driving about as normal. (Think of it as a great way to offset the cost of the petrol).

Once you start thinking of your vehicle as a marketing cost to be measured against a return, suddenly it makes a great deal of sense.

Discover how we can help build your brand, increase your business’s awareness and make more sales with our stunning, high impact vehicle graphics options.

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